Improve your skills in maths and science.

We offer two applications, Formulae Pro and Formulae Community, designed to assist you in your studies. Both offer a task list so you don't forget what you need to do, a formula finder to quickly find what you need, and more.
Formulae Pro

A paid application to help you in your math and science studies. It offers explanatory videos and images, a formula searcher, and a task list so you don't forget what you need to do.

Formulae Community

Una aplicación gratuita para ayudarte en tus estudios de matemáticas y ciencias. Ofrece videos y imágenes explicativas, un buscador de fórmulas y una lista de tareas para no olvidar lo que debes hacer.


Access a wide variety of mathematical and scientific formulas in one place.


Quickly find the formula you need with our convenient searcher.

Keep track of your tasks and school commitments with our integrated task list.


Save your favorite formulas for easy access in the future.


Better understand concepts with our explanatory images. Learn interactively with our explanatory videos.

Images & videos

Practice and improve your skills with our solved exercises.

Download and save your formulas in PDF format to always have them at hand.


Practice with a lot of exercises

Talk to our ChatGPT-enabled chatbot at any time and receive instant assistance.


Formulae Pro

Formulae Community

About Formulae

We are an educational app company that helps students enhance their maths and science skills. We offer Formulae Pro and Formulae Community, with a variety of resources to assist you in your studies.


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